Well, it’s true! NINJAS EXSIST!!!

There is lots of evidence of Ninjas. In Penguin Chat 3 there were ninjas.  As you can see in the bottom rught of this picture, Snow Cannon is a Ninja. In CP that we use today I have tried pressing the ‘n’ on Penguin but nothing happens.


There are many pieces of evidence of ninjas.

The screen was thought to be a ninja room. Actually it was the stage! 😆

And also, lately, you have been able to sit on top of the Nightclub.

Doctor Nunga I will put up your pics soon, after my mini break!

If YOU find any evidence, let me know!


One comment

  1. i have seen many ninjas sitting on the night club and stuuf so i have e – mailed u a few pics have u like them and post them if u like

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