Best Dressed Penguins Of The Week

Here I am going to post 5 penguins a week who are best dressed on Klondike.

Marty Wq: pink fedora hat, red face paint, pearl necklace, black hoodie and black checkered shoes.

Eleena873: formal gown, sunshine dress necklace, beehive wig and dress shoes. SHE SHORTLY AFTER CHANGED CLOTHES

Ayootee (not on Klondike, she’s on my buddy list, but she always has brilliant dress sense. She puts things you would not think go on, but starngely they do!): sailors hat, blue penguinmail messenger bag, pink flower flipflops and brown sungalsses.

Pajazvezdica: music jam tshirt, blue penguinmail messenger bag and miraccas. 

Marcelos: wizzards hat, yellow snorkel, music jam tshirt, friedship bracelet and stuffed parrot (rockhopper item)

Well, those are the Best Dressed Penguins Of The Week for this week, check back on Friday to see if you are up here!

If you are dissapointed, comment and tell me about your penguin, and check the Nicest Penguin Of The Week page!



  1. Hey guys, i am trying to find new penguins but i cant log in cp

  2. can u log on yet

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