Here you will find cheats on ClubPenguin.

Comment any cheats you have and I will give you credit.

  •  To catch the big fish in Ice Fishing, don’t use a worm. Use a normal sized fish!
  • To become a rainbow penguin, go to your inventory. Go to your colours, and click on the colours one by one. Your penguin’s colour will automatically change and people will think you are a flashing penguin!
  • From Watex’s site – http://watex.wordpress.com/: Become camoflauged at the iceburg: turn blue and walk around the edge of the iceburg and you’ll eventually be ‘camoflaged’. Look on Funny Pictures for a picture of it.
  • Walking on lighthouse walls glitch has been fixed, you can no longer do it.
  • Go to Astro Barrier in the Dance Lounge and when you get to the main page click start. Then you will get another message, press 3 on the keyboard. You will be playing level 30!
  • To sit in Hydro Hoppers boat you need to go to the dock, and go to the boat like you were going to play Hydro Hopper. When the sign saying Do You Want To Play Hydro Hopper? comes up, click no. You will be in the boat not playing the game. You may decide to sit down in the boat and say hello! to passing people!
  • You can stand in the water behing Hydro Hopper and the pier by walking along the pier normally, then clicking behind Hydro Hopper. This glitch sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Put on certain clothes and you will do a different dance. Here are some of the clothes: I may have left some of your favourites out, so please comment and tell me and I will put them on. : All musical instraments will make you dance like you play them in real life, the grass skirt and either Hawaiian lei (blue or winter lei) and you will dance a Hawaiian dance.
  • The HQ can also be entered by the sports shop, the changing room nearest the door. For non-agents, this will just be another ay of getting the catalouge open.
  • Checking up on other people’s puffles has been fixed. You can’t do it anymore.
  • MEMBERS In your igloo, items can be changed around – like the PARTY! sign can say HURRAY! or HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • To throw snowballs really fast, press ‘t’ loads while clicking where you want to thow.

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