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September 27, 2008

Hiya Pengies!

Noone turned up for my party yesterday.

The Fall Fair is here! ther is so muvh cool stuff.

The lollipop pin is in the lighthouse.

THis is the nonmember and member prize booth. It is located at the forest.

These two games are the quickest way to earn tickets. (click more at the bottom for  a cheat)


I also found this:

Mike92 thanks!

Grab & Spin : Dock
Ring the Bell: Dock
Memory Game: Beach
Puffle Shuffle: Forest
Feed a Puffle: Cove
Puffle Paddle: Snow Forts
Balloon Pop: Arcade Circle (Party room)
Puffle Soaker: Arcade Circle (Party room)

Hope it works!

  1. Play Grab & Spin at the Dock
  2. Spin it once
  3. Press Tab until the Yellow box is over END GAME
  4. Hold down Enter for 15 seconds
  5. Click Quit. You have 5,000+ Tickets! Go buy some prizes!
  6. (Thanks to Pelkiun)

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