New Site Design and Just Over 1000 Hits!!

September 14, 2008

Hi Pengies!

I just changed the site background, I thought the grey one was a bit boring.

And In other news I HAVE 1036 HITS! That means we should have had a party a little while ago! I am going to make an invatation, it should be within the next couple of weeks!

Wow! I am so excited!

Waddle on!  ( I am going to say that every time now!!)


  1. hi braiswick i have 3 questions

    1. yesterday u said the ninja page would be ready in 2 hours its took 1 day now why ?

    2. when the party come for 1,000 hits plz put what time it is gmt cos i live in england and i really dont wanna miss it

    3. e – mail me back plz

  2. oh and 1 more i hope u dont get upset but i prefer the pld layout rather than this new one

    sorry if i upset u plz dont get mad at me

  3. Answers to your question:

    My computer hsut down half way through my work, and I will get it done in the next few days.

    I will definately put what time, and in english time because it makes it easier for me too! If I put it in PST iI would probably miss my own party lol!

    And I won’t get mad at you for disliking the new background, i might change it back.

  4. oh yes ad I changed my picture lol!

  5. I like this site it’s really cool 😆

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