I am on CP now, New Play, New Background, 2 New Pins, Costume Catalouge (With Secrets!)

September 12, 2008

For mainly Doctor Nunga, I am on CP NOW. I am on Crunch, and I am just ‘waddling’ around, but at this very moment I am playing Cart Surfer.


The new play has arrived! It is really cool, you will need to check it out!

The 1st new pin is at the dock, it is on the little tree in the right hand corner.

The 2nd new pin is at the STAGE, and this is how to get it:

  1. Log on to CP
  2. Go to the Stage
  3. Click on the following things in the following order: Vase, Dustbin, Filing Cabinet, Door, Painting
  4. A safe will appear, click on it.
  5. The ruby will appear inside the vault.
  6. Click on it.
  7. Ta da! You have the ruby pin.

And here is the coustume catalouge:


Cya Pengies! Until Then Waddle on! (OMG I have always wanted to say that! :P)


  1. the back ground is at the back of the costume catalouge.

  2. sorry braiswick couldnt make it

  3. thats ok!

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