September 11, 2008

Hey Pengies!

The newspaper is out.

As I think everybody knows, the stage is a big mystery. But hey, I think it is coming TOMMORROW! And also, there is no need to wait to find out ehat it is about. Its not ninjas or  superheros, it is called ‘Ruby and the Ruby’. To find out how to do it, click more at the botttom of the page.

Reconise these? Well three BIG parties are coming. Halloween, Fall Fair and Club Penguins 3rd Anniversary!

How did I find out about Ruby and the Ruby?:

  • Go to the newspaper on CP.
  • Go to the page that says Arts and Literture
  • CLick on the box, the paint pot, the underground tunnel manhole, and the puffle.
  • Tada! The Ruby and the Ruby is there.


  1. Not so much of a mystery now, is it CP? (lol :P)

  2. answer post when ur on cp ?

  3. soon plz lol

  4. ok, i am on now!

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