Newspaper, New Clothing Catalouge & Wigs! YAY!!!

September 5, 2008


The Stage is Under Construction, what could the play be?

HAPPY SHOPPING! There are some helpful hints to choose the right look: Remember to accsessorise. Last months checkered shoes will look adorable in a dress! ~~~ A new wig means a new you! Will you choose sleek or messy? ~~~ Don’t forget your things for class. This Satchel completes your outfit.

In the Focus is about Aqua Grabber.

Aunt Arctic’s questions are: What Is Your Favourite Game? and Why Won’t The Iceburg Tip?

Caring For Your Puffle by Hoof Printz is the helpful hints.

There are some jokes/riddles you may want to check out.

Penguins Win Gold At The Games by Happyhappy2 is the review.

Some Poetry by Starsong2000 and Prcprincess.

The game is the slidey game where you slide to  the comic. It is A penguin singing.

Another comic is a conversation between two Penguins. “Want to play sled racing?”

“OK” “I’m scared”

“Just Follow me” “NOT THAT WAY!”

“Wee this is fun” “Hello?”

Basically they are playing sled, one goes over the mountain, then he gets lost in the sea. It is quite funny.


Well I was just on Blizzard (one of my buddies was online!) and I couldnt get into the Gift Shop! It was full … and there was loads of penguins dancing in their new clothes and running up toi the door trying to get in.

I am now on another server, finding out what is on sale. Click more to read it.

Here are all the items:

Denim Hip Hop Hat

Layerd Lavender Outfit

Denim Purse

Sea Green Outfit

Vinyl Messenger Bag

Green Paisley Bandana

Blue Hoodie

Pink Backpack

Pink Hoodie (I think this is a returning item, It was in the catalouge before I was a member and I wanted it so badly! (I am not sure though! It might have been purple.))

Pink Backpack

Designer Glasses

Blue Duffle Coat

Tweed Hat

Tweed Coat

They are all the new Clothing Catalouge clothes, but there is some Paint Overalls in the ‘Penguins At Work’ section.

Here are the Cheats for the Clothing Catalouge:

Click on the penguins nose wearing the sunshine dress for the bracelets.

Click on the yellow puffle fore the red viking helm. (4x for blue helm)

Cowboy Penguins Guitar for the jade neclace.

There are also the following NEW backgrounds:

An Autumnal Background – It is not like the old autumnal background.

Here are the NEW wigs:

The Dizzy

The Tuft

Wig Catalouge cheats:

The Spikester for the Spikette.

Hope these are helpful!

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