Penguin Games Finished, 150th Newspaper Issue, Pin and Furniture Catalouge

August 30, 2008

Firstly, the penguin games are now finished. The Soccer Pitch is still there, only temorarlily though. It is also now availiable to non-members. It has also been changed on the map to ‘Soccer Pitch’.

Next the 150th newspaper issue is out. Wow, 150. That is a lot of newspapers! (I rememmber the 100th issue, everyone was having a party in the boiler room!) Some of the below pictures are from Watex.

I hope everyone had fun at the CP Games, grabbing a gold medal. Rookie & Rory gave us all the cool updates. They also said both RED TEAM & BLUE TEAM BOTH DECLARED VICTORY, that means no more rivalry between teams. I saw quite a few blues and reds close together, showing the CP angry faces!

The 150th issue of CP times is out. This page basically is saying thanks, and CP Times has grown up and got better.

On the Jokes page click on the word Jokes and some more jokes come up. They are quite funny.

The 150th Newspaper pin is hidden in the boiler room. I have seen lots of people wearing older pins, maybe to make them seem special?

The Furniture Catalouge is out. It is in your igloo.

 I think they have got some quite cool stuff in this months catalouge!

The have a Pizza Oven, Barbecue, Corner Booth Seat, Straight Booth Seat and a Coffee Couch on the Build A Bistro! page.

Click on the Lava Lamp for the blender.

For the Guitar Stand, click on the Upright Piano.

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