*~ The super Secret Question Page ~* Password

August 27, 2008

To get into the page you need a password.

Well, if you can figure out the Sum, you will be  able to enter.

7+6+6+1+2+8+2= ????

Figure it out. If people cant get it, just comment and say so. I will tell you the answer and take it off Password Protect.

~ Braiswick


  1. the answer is 33 but does not work!!!! :@
    ~B: sorry! I changed my maths. my maths was wrong by a few numbers. try from 30-33.

  2. Ok sorry andreasmich i will check my maths.

  3. Yes my maths was wrong. Really sorry 😦 !!

  4. sorry but it doesnt work its 32

  5. i won the comment comp hoorah plz get a password for the funny pics cos i cant c them

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